Welcome to Afghanistan's first mobile money transfer service.

With M-Paisa from Roshan, you can send and receive payments or top up your account, easily, safely, and conveniently, right from your mobile phone!

About M-Paisa

M-Paisa is an innovative mobile money transfer and payment solution provided by Roshan that enables you to send and receive cash as well as makes payments anytime through your mobile device in a faster, cheaper and secure environment.

It is a service offered on a platform that is robust and easily scalable with the capacity to integrate with other platforms to offer you quality service and pleasant experience.

M-Paisa Services are available countrywide and we are supported by the largest agent network in the country.

M-Paisa Services

With M-Paisa, you can enjoy any of the following secure, faster and convenient services;

  • Send money anywhere anytime in Afghanistan in an easy, fast and secure way.
  • Buy airtime for self or for others from your M-Paisa wallet or from an M-Paisa agent location
  • Withdraw cash from your mobile wallet at any M-Paisa agent outlet or partner institutions; ATMs located everywhere across the country
  • Pay bill for electricity, medicine, cable TV etc. from your phone and save time
  • Make Merchant payments for your shopping, groceries, air ticket and other services rendered.
  • Pay loan for Micro Finance Institutions’ loan through this pay loan option. This saves on time and cost of travel and improves on rates of repayment
  • Process Salary Payments directly to a recipients phone
  • Access your Bank Account from your phone and move funds to your M-Paisa wallet. You will be able to move funds between M-Paisa and Bank account if you have linked your bank account to M-Paisa.

How to Register

To start enjoying these wonderful services, register for FREE at any of our authorized M-Paisa agents countrywide. The following documents will be required:

  • Roshan SIM Card (Mobile number)
  • Tazkira (national Id) original copy
  • Recent passport size color photo.

M-Paisa Partners

M-Paisa has partnered with other business institutions to offer M-Paisa services from their premises.

    Agent Services

    Visit an M-Paisa Agent to;

    • Deposit cash into your M-Paisa wallet
    • Withdraw cash from your M-Paisa  wallet
    • Buy Airtime for your Roshan mobile number. This service is available to both registered and non-registered customers
    • Register to access M-Paisa services.

    Agent Locations

    Click here for the full list of locations where you can find Agents offering M-Paisa services in Afghanistan

    Merchant Locations

    Click here for the full list of outlets where you can pay for goods and services with M-Paisa

    M-Paisa and Bank Partnerships

    Click here for the full list of locations where you can find M-Paisa Bank Partners services in Afghanistan

    M-Paisa has entered into agreements with local commercial banks that allow M-Paisa customers to carry out cash deposit and withdrawal transactions at their branch.

    Customers can access M-Paisa agency services (cash deposit and withdrawal) from most of the following bank branches: Azizi Bank, AIB Bank and AUB Bank.


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