Welcome to Afghanistan's first mobile money transfer service.

With M-Paisa from Roshan, you can send and receive payments or top up your account, easily, safely, and conveniently, right from your mobile phone!

Now, M-Paisa customers in Afghanistan can receive Western Union Mobile Transfer transactions from their families around the world directly into their M-Paisa wallets. Western Union's Mobile Money Transfer service is available in many countries around the world.

To learn how you can use M-paisa and receive money through Western Union call 313, visit a Roshan shop or an authorized M-Paisa agent.

M-Paisa offers safe, reliable and fast access to a range of financial services anywhere in Afghanistan including:
  • Person to person money transfer.
  • Disbursement and repayment of microfinance loans.
  • Airtime purchases.
  • Bill payments.
  • Disbursement and receipt of salaries.
  • Receive money from abroad with Western Union

With upgrades to M-Paisa's system, M-Paisa now offers the following new benefits:

  • A separate system for bill payment and merchant payment, enabling us to expand the numbers of merchants who accept M-Paisa as a form of payment;
  • A more efficient and user-friendly system, which decreases the amount of time, required to complete a transaction; Dari and Pashto scripts increase the user-friendliness of the system. 

The service facilitates the transfer of funds using a mobile phone through Short Message Service (SMS) and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The IVR based menu is available to customers in Dari, Pashto and English, an important feature in Afghanistan where 70% of the population is illiterate. M-Paisa is powered by Roshan's robust mobile network which spans across 240 cities and towns in all of Afghanistan's 34 provinces.

M-Paisa builds on Roshan' position as an innovator in the market, bringing unique products and services that serve the needs of the Afghan population.  Introduced in Afghanistan in 2008, M-Paisa supports the development of the Afghan economy, extending economic opportunity and financial inclusion to all Afghans, providing an essential service to 97% of the unbanked population in the country whilst eliminating common financial barriers, especially in the remote and rural areas of the country.

M-Paisa is the safest, fastest and most trustworthy way to handle your money.

To register and activate an account anywhere in Afghanistan, call 313 or visit your nearest Roshan shop. You can also call this number to learn more about M-Paisa.

To learn how M-Paisa can benefit your business, send an e-mail with your name, mobile number and questions to:

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M-Paisa from Roshan, the original M-Hawala

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