Online TopUp

In order to serve you better, we have upgraded our Online TopUp service with MoreMagic and Easy Online TopUp, the fastest and most effortless way to add credit to your mobile phone.

You can top-up your mobile account instantly no matter where you are. There is no waiting time, no registration fee and absolutely no hassle. Sign up now and enjoy convenience at your fingertips.

For recharge your credit by Easy Online Top Up

Click here for recharging your credit by eTopUpOnline

Prepay Nation Click here for recharging your credit by Prepay Nation

Sniper Hill Click here for recharging your credit by Sniper Hill

Adding Credit On The Go

You do not have to be in the country to top-up your pre-paid mobile. As long as you have Internet connection, you can add more credit easily, even if you are a continent away from Afghanistan.

Giving Credit To Others

Top-up the pre-paid mobile of any Roshan customer with Easy Online TopUp or MoreMagic. Regardless of who they are, your parents, children or close friends, as long as they are Roshan customers, you can add as much credit as and when necessary.

With Online Top Up you can:
  • Enjoy greater ease, convenience and security.
  • Use your existing PayPal account or any major credit card to pay for the transaction online.
  • Top-up for all Roshan pre-paid SIMs.
Registering For Easy Online TopUp

Recharge your phone or the phone of other Roshan customers online using any major credit card or your PayPal account.

No fees are applicable for this service.

To learn more about this service, dial 333 to speak with a Customer Care representative.