Get Notified by SMS of the calls you missed, Missed Call Notification Service

Whether you are out of coverage or your phone is switched off, you will never miss a call again. If your close family members are trying to get in touch with you, you will be notified immediately of the calls you missed through SMS. All text messages are date and time stamped.

Identifying The Caller

Curious to know who called? Missed Call Notification gives you the identity of the caller and logs down the exact time the call attempt was made, so that you can return the call at your convenience.

With Missed Call Notification, you can:
  • Know exactly who is trying to get in touch with you.
  • Know exactly when calls were made to you.
  • Receive SMS notifications of missed calls for free.
Activating Missed Call Notification

This is a pre-activated service for all Roshan customers. If the feature is not functioning properly, please dial 333 to speak with a Customer Service representative.

More On Missed Call Notification

To learn more about this service, dial 333 to speak with a Customer Care representative.