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Join The Program

Accumulate Loyalty Points and redeem them to win free trips to Dubai and India, top of the line handsets, free minutes and free data from Roshan.

Join the Program

With Roshan Loyalty Rewards, Everyone is a Winner

Roshan, Afghanistan's top telecom network is now launching a loyalty program in which everyone wins.

Activate the loyalty program, and get awards like free trips to Dubai and India, new mobile phones, free minutes, and free internet.

You can earn loyalty points when making calls, sending SMS, using the Internet or any other Roshan’s services.

You can also earn points by receiving incoming calls on your Roshan SIM. The more you use your SIM, the more points and rewards you will receive.

Earn more points with our New Tiers System

Get unique points with our brand new categories (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum). You will also be automatically upgraded to a higher category. 

Below, we describe the category system and its methodology, so that you can get incredible privileges:

Tier Name

Points Accumulated

AFA Spent – Loyalty Points Received


0 – 5,000

1 AFA – 1 Point


5,001 – 25,000

1 AFA – 1.25 Points


25,001 – 75,000

1 AFA – 1.5 Points


75,001 or more

1 AFA – 2 Points


You will also get 1 loyalty point for every minute of your call. This is applicable to all the above tiers.

If you have 5,000 points or less (including new customers), you will be placed in the bronze category. This means you will earn a loyalty bonus in exchange for each AFN you spend.

The above table shows that the higher your category, the more loyalty points you will get

If you accumulate 5500 points at the end of the month, you will then be automatically placed in a silver category, and earn 1.25 loyalty points for each AFN you spend.


For more information and registration: Dial #1212* or call 1212


Terms and Conditions

  • Every point you earn will be valid for 12 - 23 months, and all points will expire once in a year. (For example; if you have accumulated 250 points in the month of January 2016, these points will be valid for another 12 months until January 2017. If, however, you have accumulated points in the month of February 2016, your points will be valid until January 2018).

  •  Your points will be calculated since your registration date in the loyalty program, and will expire next year on the same date. For example, if you have been participating in the loyalty program on June 21, 2016, your points will expire on June 21, 2017, based on the 12 and 23 month validity.