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Non Mobile Benefit

Accumulate Loyalty Points and redeem them to win free trips to Dubai and India, top of the line handsets, free minutes and free data from Roshan.

Non Mobile Benefit

With the points that you receive from the Roshan Loyalty program, redeem these at anytime you wish for any of our amazing and new rewards.

Rewards from free Minutes and Data, to a new phone, a gold SIM or even a 3 nights stay in Dubai or India are available.

Now with our flexible rewards options you can choose which one reward you would like from 5 different options.

See the below table for a list of our incredible non mobile rewards and the points needed to redeem them.

Devices & Phones



Dial *1212# or Call 1212 to discover more and enroll today.

Terms and Conditions

  • Every point you earn will be valid for 12 - 23 months and all points will expire once in a year. (For example; if you have accumulated 250 points in the month of January 2016 these points will be valid for another 12 months until January 2017. If you however have accumulated points in the month of February 2016 your points will be valid until January 2018.)

  • Your points will be counted from your enrolment date to the loyalty program, and will expire on the same date next year. As an example, if you have joined the loyalty program on 21stJune 2016, your points will expire on 21stJune 2017, based on the calculation of 12 and 23 months validity.