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Planning ahead – in business settings and spending - can pay off. Saadat is a premium service for those who like to stay in control. Choose the plan that fits your business best.



Saadat, our premium Business SIM, is an exclusive service offered to SME and business owners. 

Choose a tariff plan of your choice from Saadat premium package.

We will help you determine which bundle works best to meet the needs of your enterprise. 

Select from a range of comprehensive nationwide bundles, designed to make business life easier and keep you connected. 



Saadat Basic


With Saadat Basic, you pay for only the number of minutes and SMS at the time of usage.

Calls are charged per 15 seconds.


Bundle Name

Billing Increment

Voice Roshan to all networks

SMS Roshan to all networks

Data Pay As You Go

Saadat Basic

30 secs

3.29 Afs

2.49 Afs / SMS

9.99 Afs / MB


Saadat Basic does not require any activation, as it is the base plan, whilst both the Bronze and Gold are the headline rates.



Saadat basic doesn’t require any activation or deactivation. Customers from other profiles (Aali/Yaaran) can change to Saadat Basic by dialing 555 and following the instructions.

Roaming Activation:

Roaming service can be activated through SMS & dialing 555

The policy of using the original design and packages:

Saadat basic customers can activate multiple bundles at the same time


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • Customers cannot activate more than one Saadat Plan at the same time.

  • Customers can upgrade or change their plan from one Saadat plan to another Saadat plan at anytime during the validity period, but will be required to deactivate the first plan in order to activate another.

  • After changing a plan, customers will be able to use their remaining resources until the expirationperiod.


Roaming Activation

Roaming service can be activated through SMS & dialing 555


Validity of the bundles is based on a 30days fixed time period.
The plan is set for auto-renewal

There will be a grace period of 7 days for auto renewal, although the default tariff of (Saadat) will be
applicable from the first day of the validity expiry.


Usage Policy of the Plans:

Once you utilize your free monthly resources, you can either opt-in for a bundle or choose to use Pay As You Go.

You can activate multiple bundles at the same time.