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Saadat Partners

A satisfied client comes with seamless communication.

Premium Packages Benefits:

As a VIP customer of Saadat, you will get special discounts on famous restaurants, saunas and famous airlines. All you need to do is dial *9#.


Saadat Partners Kabul



Discount %

Charlie Restuarant 

Shahre Naw Haji Yaqoob

30 % on bill value

Intercontinental Hotel    

Bagh e Bala

10 % on bill value, conference menu & coffe shop/ 40% on room rate 

Kabul Serena Hotel

Froshgah Street 

40 % on conference rooms and special discounted rates on Zarnigar restaurant menus and room rates

Istanbul Restaurant

Share Naw Majid Mall 10 % on all restaurant products


Shahre Naw Haji Yaqoob Square      5 % on national & international air tickets

VIP Spa & Restaurant

Pole Sorkh Square Karte 4 20 % on entree fee for sauna/ pool and 10% on restaurant bill value


 Saadat Partners Herat



Discount %

Arg Hotel

Bagh Azaadi St. opposite of Herat University

10% on bill value

Naveed Restaurant

Beside Arbabzadah St, west side of Taraqi Park

10% on bill value


Saadat Partners  Mazar e Sharif



Discount %

Bilal Restaurant

Darwaza Shadyan, Infront of Bazar Bakhtar

10% on bill value

Kefayat Super MArket

Kefayat Square, Infront of Balkh Agriculture

2% on bill value