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Call Centres

Building, managing and maintaining contact centres can be costly, complex and time consuming. With Roshan’s Contact Centre/IVR solutions you can reduce your initial investment and build as you grow depending on your need.



In today's competitive and crowded market, customer service is very important. With the help of Roshan’s Call Center Service/voice call, existing and new companies (both Large and small) can easily upgrade their customer services.


  • Cost Effective: Designed to interact with your clients via telephone/ IVR while creating a valuable database for your company.
  • Pay As You Go: No need for upfront CAPEX investment to build Contact Centre Infrastructure. Just pay your agent seat and features you need. 
  • Increased Productivity: You are free to spend more time on client relationships and new client acquisition.
  • Customized Solutions : Tailor-made solutions to suit your business – small or large.
  • Greater Flexibility: Up or downscale your seat requirements during peak times.
  • Elimination of Non-Core Business : Allows you to focus on your core business while we service your clients and generate new leads.
  • Skilled Work Force : Handpicked to suit your needs.
  • Professional trainers impart training of Global standards.
  • Equipped with call monitoring/recording facility, which helps you monitor each customer call ,ensuring quality of service.
  • CRM Integration: Equipped with call monitoring/recording facility, which helps you monitor each customer call, so you can ensure quality of service.


Improve the quality of your customer relations

  • Fast response rate.
  • Pertinent answers to their questions: they will be transferred to an available agent who is competent to handle the issue.
  • Personalized response: escalation of the call (qualification due to your agents being able to access your customer’s history file.)

 Increase your sales & streamline customer service

Brand and product-related information can be played to callers over the welcome message, acknowledgments can be sent to your customers and queuing times optimized to help you facilitate agent productivity.

Boost productivity

Since the service is fully hosted, you can leave operational issues to us, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Enhance support for your contact centre staff

Management, routing, and distribution of calls are managed by the ACD function (Automatic Call Distributor). This ensures that the contact and all relevant CRM data is fully integrated, your customers are efficiently routed to the next best available agent, and all relevant data is presented to the Agent handling the call. Other tools are available to assist your Agents in replying to contacts more efficiently.