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Data Centres

With the investment Roshan has made on its Data Center, you can build up your business. By using Roshan’s Data Center Services, you can reduce your initial investments and grow according to your need.


You will be benefited from a safe housing with employees who are at your service (to deal with problems or maintenance) for 24 hours. You will also get the ease of reliable electricity, and high-speed internet.


This ensures fast and reliable accessibilities. You can get access to your data from office, home or anywhere in the world.


Data CentRE Infrastructure

  • Environment Control
  • Monitoring Systems (CCTV)
  • 24/7 Physical Security
  • Fire & Smoke Detection Systems
  • Redundant Power Connections
  • UPS & Diesel Generator Power Systems
  • Possibility to build your disaster recovery (DR) to connect your primary system and your branches. 


Network Connectivity Services

  • Connectivity
  • Access Ports for Shared Infrastructure
  • Public IP Addresses  


Rack Space

  • Dedicated Full Rack Space


Service Desk Management

  • 24/7 Service Desk Support
  • Single Point of Contact for Service - 24/7 Service Support Requests



  1. Pay as you go

No need for upfront CAPEX investment to build your own network Infrastructure. Just pay for features you need – when you need with our hosted Services. 

  1. Customized Solutions 

Tailor-made solutions to suit your business – small or large.

  1. State of art Infrastructure

Highly reliable network infrastructure is built on industry leading technology.

Choose a channel bandwidth between 64 KB/S and 4,096 KB/S with increments of 64 KB/S. The quality of service is based on international standards of data transmission.

  1. Skilled Work Force

Handpicked to suit your needs. Professional trainers impart training of Global standards.

LEARN MORE - Dial 333 to speak with a member of the Roshan team.
Certain Ertebat corporate and consumer Internet services are provided in partnership with Multinet, a licensed Afghan Internet service provider.