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International SMS

You don’t always need to pay for ease, regardless of where you are. Save time to do more important things on your agenda by making an international connection through a written message.


Send international SMSs from Afghanistan with the best rates, using the International SMS package from Roshan.

Stay in touch with your friends and family wherever you are in the country with our exciting international SMS Package.

With 250 Afs you can get 50 International SMS to the following countries.

(USA, Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, UK, Philippines, Turkey, Tajikistan, Italy, Sri Lanka, Australia, Russia, France, Canada, Netherlands, Kenya, China, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uganda, South Africa, Belgium, Jordan, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Austria, Indonesia, Romania, Poland, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Turkmenistan, Colombia, South Korea, Switzerland, Spain, Malaysia, Nigeria, New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Finland).



USSD: Dial 555 then press 6

SMS “isms” and send it to 555



USSD: Dial 555 then press 6, follow by 9

SMS “dsms” and send it to 555




  • Customers can use the international SMS package to the mentioned destinations.
  • This package is valid for 30 days. If the customer has enough credit, the package will be automatically renewed and the remaining SMS from the previous package will not be lost in the next month.

  • International SMS package cannot be used in roaming mode.

  • This promotion is available for Saadat, Aali and Yaaran profiles.


learn more - Dial 333 to speak with a member of the Roshan team.