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About Roshan

Roshan (Telecom Development Company, Afghanistan Corp) is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Afghanistan with 6.5 million active customers, and a network covering more than 287 districts and cities across 34 provinces of the country.

Roshan is one of the most successful companies in Afghanistan, which plays a major role in economic growth and long-term development of the country. Since its inception in 2003, it has invested nearly $700 million in Afghanistan and is considered to be the country's largest investor and taxpayer, providing about 5% of Afghanistan's internal incomes. Roshan has directly employed more than 900 employees of whom more than 20% are women and has indirectly created working conditions for more than 35,000 people. Roshan is deeply committed to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.

The Aga Khan Foundation for Economic Development (AKFED), part of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), is one of the major shareholders seeking to promote private projects and build strong economic companies in developing countries. Monaco Telecom International (MTI) and (TeliaSonera) are also part of Roshan’s stakeholders. Roshan, has brought international expertise in the country and is committed to providing the highest standards of network quality and coverage for the people of Afghanistan.


Staying true to our slogan, NazdikShodan (Bringing You Closer), our priority as a proud Afghan company is to satisfy one of the most basic human needs – the need to reach out and speak to one another.

Our commitment to quality service and network coverage sets us apart from the rest. Currently, we are the leading telecommunications provider in Afghanistan,

  • with the largest coverage
  • serving 70% of the population
  • in over 287 cities and towns
  • across all 34 provinces.

 We will continue our efforts to find new opportunities so that we can meet your communication needs.

contact us

It’s so easy to reach us!


  • 333 from a Roshan line locally
  • 334 079 997 1333 from another national network locally
  • 335 +93 (0) 79 997 1333 from overseas




Kabul Walk-in Customer Care Center

Roshan Shop Street #13, Off Main Street

Wazir Akbar Khan

Kabul, Afghanistan

Operating hours: 8am – 7pm   

You can also drop by one of our flagship stores throughout the country.

customer care

Roshan created the first goal-oriented call center, and introduced international standards of customer service in the country. Today, we provide services for more than 6 million customers with a response rate of 97%. Our motivated team is available 24 hours a day in three languages: Dari, Pashto and English to respond to customers.

With respect to all cultural traditions, Roshan’s female customers can talk to the women's call center. To register at the women's call center, call 333 on Saturdays from 6 am to 4 pm and select option 9.

our share holders

We are owned by an international consortium made up of three shareholders: International association

  • The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) – 51.00%
  • Monaco Telecom International (MTI), a subsidiary of NJJ Capital Holding – 36.75%
  • Telia – 12.25%