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For The First Time Ever - 2015 RAPL Nawroz Tournament Afghanistan's Largest Sporting Event

March 14th 2015 - The Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF), Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading total communications provider, and MOBY GROUP, Afghanistan’s largest media conglomerate are proud to present the 2015 Roshan Afghan Premier League (RAPL) Nawroz Tournament, which will kick off at 2:30pm on March15th at the AFF Stadium in Jalalabad.

RAPL looks to engage the eastern region of Afghanistan, a segment of the country that has a growing passion for football. This tournament will be a shorter version of the RAPL’s main annual event, featuring four of the eight RAPL teams matching up against each other in semifinal and final rounds, with the championship taking place on Afghanistan’s New Year's Day (Nawroz) on March 21st. The four participating teams are: defending RAPL champions Shaheen Asmayee representing Kabul; De Maiwand Atalan from the south; De Spinghar Bazan from the east; and Simorgh Alborz from the north.

The RAPL 2014 saw millions of Afghans cheer on young footballers from across the country as they competed for pride, love of football, and the prestigious RAPL trophy. At least 52.6% (at least 13.5 million viewers) of the population watched Shaheen Asmayee win their second straight title (AMMC – 2014 survey).

“Football is a unifying global sport, a value which is also strongly reflective of Roshan’s commitment to the development and national unity of Afghanistan,” said Karim Khoja, CEO of Roshan. “The 2015 RAPL Nawroz in Jalalabad marks a new milestone in bringing all regions of Afghanistan to cheer for national pride and unity. And Roshan is proud to be part of this initiative.”

"Competition is actually nurturing the roots of sports and athletes in a society. Especially in Football, we can scout talents through competitions which will lead to a stronger national team and clubs. The end-state would be making the whole nation proud," said Keramuddin Karim, President of AFF.

" With the live broadcast of the RAPL Nawroz Tournament 2015 we will demonstrate the enthusiasm for sport in eastern Afghanistan. By expanding the RAPL season we look to continue spreading messages of peace, unity, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through sport,” said Shafic Gawhari, CEO of MOBY GROUP Afghanistan and RAPL Commissioner.