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Syniverse and Roshan Win Innovation Award for Combating Fraud and Assuring Revenue

Media Advisory

TAMPA, Fla. – May 25, 2017 Syniverse and Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications provider, have been recognized with a Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Innovation Award for advancing the industry’s ability to protect operators’ revenues from the growing threats of mobile roaming fraud and revenue leakage.

Syniverse and Roshan have been recognized in the ‘Software Applications’ category for their collaboration to implement predictive analytic and automation solutions to detect, identify and prevent fraudulent activity from occurring, while also protecting revenues by ensuring accuracy in subscriber billing.

“We’re honored to have our work with Roshan through the Syniverse platform recognized for advancing the way operators are able to protect critical infrastructure and billing systems from revenue leakage,” said Nour Al Atassi, Regional Vice President and Managing Director, Middle East and Africa, Syniverse. “Evolving technology and rising connectivity demands have left operators vulnerable to threats from fraudsters and even more susceptible to inaccuracies in revenue collection.”

Report by J. Gold Associates shows that operators stand to lose an average of $92 million in revenue each year from mobile fraud, and another 15 percent of an average operator’s revenue due to revenue leakage as reported by KPMG.

To help prevent fraud, Syniverse’s secure platform leverages network data in real time from over 130 operators across the world to provide an instant, global view of suspicious activity that is occurring in the market. Syniverse serves as a central repository of fraud data to optimize the speed of detection and to allow Roshan to use predictive analytics to proactively evolve based on the latest trends.

At Roshan, we always strive to deploy new technologies to ensure delivery of the best quality products and services and to promote transparent and ethical business practices in Afghanistan,said Imtiaz Esmail, Chief Financial Officer, Roshan. By collaborating with Syniverse, Roshan has introduced international expertise to Afghanistan to ensure prevention of fraud and to improve our revenue collection.”

The revenue assurance portion of the project integrates domestic, international, retail and wholesale processes into a single architecture to enhance the end-to-end billing cycle. The rapid detection and automation eases the task of analysis and resolving issues and ensures the integrity of revenue processes.