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Data Transfer

For the first time in Afghanistan, you can transfer your Data to your friends!

Data Transfer:

For the first time in Afghanistan, you can now transfer data from your data bundle to your friends and family.


This is a new initiative launched by Roshan which allows all prepaid customers to transfer up to 500 MB per day from their monthly data bundle.  Customer can transfer 10MB, 20MB, 30MB, 40MB, 50MB, 100MB & 200MB per transaction until it reach 500 MB per day. The shared data (resource) is valid for 3 days.

A transaction fee of 10 Afs applies for every time you share your data.

To transfer your data from your data bundle, please dial the *500*MB amount*Number#. For example, if you want to send 50MB, you dial *500*50*079999xxxx#.