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Free Wikipedia

Free Wikipedia Access For All Roshan Customers!

Free Wikipedia Access

Roshan is the first company from Afghanistan to form an exclusive partnership with Wikimedia Foundation, the world’s largest nonprofit organization, to bring free access to Wikipedia for all its customers across Afghanistan.


1- How do Roshan customers get to activate free Wikipedia from their phone?

Answer: All Roshan customers can text “w” to 555 to get free access to Wikipedia for an entire year.


2- Are there any hidden charges or any charges at all?

Answer: No. Once activated, Roshan customers can access Wikipedia and its content for FREE for an entire year. After one year, Roshan customers can activate one of the following data bundles for access to Wikipedia:






Monthly Wikipedia Package



30 Days

Weekly Wikipedia Package



7 Days

Daily Wikipedia Package


Afs 5

1 day


3- Can you activate Free Wikipedia from any non-Roshan SIMs?

Answer: No, free access to Wikipedia is only available through Roshan SIMs.


4- Can you activate Free Wikipedia if you’re using a non-smart phone?

Answer: No. A smart phone or data enabled handset is needed to activate free access to Wikipedia.


5- Why is the free access to Wikipedia for one year only?

Answer: As per the agreement with Wikimedia Foundation, the free access is for one year only.


6- What if I open a link from Wikipedia that is external, would I be charged?


Answer: Roshan customers can access for FREE Wikipedia and its content. But if they open an external link from Wikipedia, then normal data charges apply unless they are subscribed to a data bundle.


7- How do I deactivate free access to Wikipedia?

Answer: The free access to Wikipedia will be deactivated automatically after one year.



Note: For any questions please contact us via Roshan’s official Facebook page www.facebook.com/RoshanConnects. You can also call 333, Roshan’s customer service help line for any questions or information.