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Talk Features

Know which friend is calling, switch between calls from friends and family and forward your calls in case your phone's running out of charge. Our talk features make conversation easy.

caller id

Curious to know who’s calling? When you receive an incoming call, you can check caller ID to see if it’s a friend, family member or acquaintance on the other line. If you don’t recognize the ID, let it go to voicemail.


How to activate

No activation required. Pre-activated feature.


Terms & Conditions

*Calls from certain areas or networks do not provide the number of the calling party.


Learn more - Dial 333 to speak with a member of the Roshan team.

call waiting

If your friend is telling you a fascinating story and you receive another call, you don’t have to hang up. You can put your friend on hold while attending to the second call. Then switch back and continue right where you left off.


You can:

- Ignore the second call and let it go to voicemail.

- End the current call and answer the second call.
- Switch between calls multiple times.


Cost - No cost involved.


How to activate

To activate this service, mobile generally go through the following sequence:

  1. Menu
  2. Call settings
  3. Network settings
  4. Call waiting


Learn more - Dial 333 to speak to a member of the Roshan team.

call hold

With call hold, you can

  • Put an ongoing phone conversation on hold while you attend to the people around you.
  • Enjoy greater privacy as the person kept on hold cannot hear you or the other conversation.
  • Switch between two calls multiple times.


How to activate

Select Call Hold feature from your phone menu. No activation required.


Learn more - Dial 333 to speak to a member of the Roshan team.

call forwarding

Never miss an urgent or important call again – whether you’re busy on another call, out of reach or battery, you can activate call forwarding and your call will be forwarded to another mobile phone.


Cost - No cost involved.


How to activate

To activate the Call Forwarding:

  1. Go to the phone menu.
  2. Select Call Settings.*
  3. Select Call Divert.*
  4. Select a Call Divert option such as Busy, Out of Reach, Not Available, etc.
  5. Activate the chosen Call Divert option.
  6. Select one of the following options:
  7. To voice mailbox
  8. To other number
  9. Enter the mobile number you want to forward your calls to, or enter 777 to forward calls to your voice mailbox. Press OK to confirm.


Learn more - Dial 333 to speak to a member of the Roshan team.


*This menu option may be named differently depending on the model of your mobile.

Missed call notification

When you’re out of coverage or your phone is off, you’ll be notified of missed calls through SMS.


Know exactly who is trying to get in touch with you.

Know exactly what time calls were made to you via SMS.

No activation required. This is a pre-activated service.


Learn more - Dial 333 to speak to a member of the Roshan team


When you’re unable to answer a call or your phone is switched off, our Voice Mail service will pick up the call and record a message. Even if the caller chooses not to leave a message, you will be notified of the call attempt via SMS.


By recording a personal greeting, you are reassuring your callers that they have dialed the right number and encouraging them to leave a voice message for you.



  • Retrieve messages from your callers when you are unable to answer.

  • Record a personalized greeting for free.

  • Retrieve your messages within the country for free.


How to activate

Dial 777 and follow the instructions



To retrieve your voice messages, dial 777.

  • To directly access your Voicemail from your Roshan mobile outside of Afghanistan, dial +93 799 787 778.

  • To access your Voicemail from another phone, dial +93 799 788 788 and enter your PIN.


Learn moreDial 333 to speak with a member of the Roshan team.