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Around The World

With our partnerships and special rates, you can always check in at home through calls, stay updated with news, and share your travel stories on social media.

Roaming Around The World

With over 360 roaming partners in 150 countries, stay connected with loved ones in Afghanistan when you travel abroad. 

International Data Services

You may be far from home, but you can count on being close to the information you need the most. 

With Roshan data services on your mobile, you can send e-mails, check the news, chat online and do much more in 57 countries. 


How to activate

Roshan Pre-Paid Customers

  • If you are calling from within Afghanistan, dial 333 to speak to a member of the Roshan team.

  • If you are calling from overseas, dial +93 (0) 79 997 1333.



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Recieve Call Send SMS GPRS Satellite
Satellite Afs 400 Afs 400 Afs 400 Afs 200 Afs 100 N/A Afs 600


Roshan Post-Paid Customers

Please contact your Corporate Sales team member. Hyperlink extends to the word "team".

You can add credit on the go with Online TopUp and M-Paisa. Visit an M-Paisa agent to sign up before you travel.


Terms & Conditions

MMS roaming is only available for Roshan post-paid customers. Data cost is applicable.
Service availability may change depending on location, provider and plan.

Additional charges may apply for calls to premium numbers.


Learn more - Dial 333 to speak to a member of the Roshan team